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Increase In Breast Lift Demand In Houston

2011-12-16 08:44:00

Houston board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fred Aguilar, discusses the rise in breast lift procedures and the advantages of undergoing the surgery.

While the economy has remained sluggish, demand for plastic surgery has increased nearly 9% from 2009 to 2010, according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). While breast augmentation remains the highest sought after procedure, breast lifts have also experienced a leap in demand. In the past decade alone, demand for breast lifts have grown over 40% to nearly 90,000 breast lifts being performed in 2010.

According to Houston board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Fred Aguilar, "Following the nationwide trend, we have seen a rise demand for breast lifts in Houston. The biggest reason we're seeing more of these is because the tendency in the United States is for people to be more obese. As we age, a combination of not exercising enough, eating too much food or having multiple pregnancies, lead to a larger breast."

houston breast lift results
Actual Before and After Photos of Breast Lift by Dr. Fred Aguilar, MD FACS

Advantages of a Breast Lift may include:

  • Appearance of breasts are rounder and firmer
  • Breasts can be made more symmetrical and balanced
  • An small implant may be added to make breasts appear fuller
  • Nipples may be repositioned so breasts no longer appear to be sagging

houston breast lift before and after photos
Actual Breast Lift Results by Dr. Fred Aguilar, MD FACS

Dr. Aguilar states "Many of the women that undergo breast lifts in Houston are patients that have A or B cup size breasts that have dropped due to weight gain, pregnancies or simply gravity over time. Quite a few of our patients will ask for a small implant to be added when undergoing a breast lift, resulting in beautiful results."

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